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I would like to edit the value, type of my package and content of the items in the invoice.

The value of the item cannot be changed. However, you are able to edit the type of the package and the content of the items in your [My Page] directly when the package arrived at our warehouse.

Please kindly follow the steps below:
1. Click on[Arrived]in[Package information
2. Find the package number of which you want to edit the invoice.
3. Click on[Shipping information]
4. Click on[Edit invoice]on the right side of the page
5. An editable page pop up and you can edit the information in the form.

<Package Type>
*You can choose the use of the package.
e.g.) The default is set as[Personal Effects].
      If you want to mark it as[Gift], please choose it from the pull down bar.

*You can choose the content from the pull down bar.
*If you select[OTHERS]you will be able to insert you're own category of choice.

1.Customers are responsible for all of the information on the invoice. Please understand that Buyee does not take any responsibility in case of any trouble caused by the edited information. 

2.Please note that invoices can be edited only before settling the international shipping fee. After the payment, you are no longer able to make any changes.

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