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I would like to edit the value, type of my package and content of the items in the invoice.

The value of the item cannot be changed. However, you are able to edit the type of the package and the content of the items in your [My Page] directly when the package arrived at our warehouse.

Please kindly follow the steps below:
1. Click into [My Page]→ [Package Information] → [Arrived]
2. Click the package that you would like to edit
3. Click the [Shipping Information]
4. Click [Edit Invoice]
5. Edit the required information in the fields

You can choose the using purpose of the package.
The default setting is “Personal Use”. If you would like to choose the type other than ""Personal Use"", please kindly choose from the pull-down bar.

Please kindly choose the content from the pull-down bar.

The invoice can only be edited before you arrange for the shipping and payment.

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