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How can I withdraw my membership?

Please check the following 4 points. If any of the following points applies to you, you unfortunately cannot withdraw your membership at this time.

1. There are auctions currently being bid on and/or orders being requested.
2. There are outstanding packages, which have not arrived at our warehouse yet or which are already in storage
3. There is an outstanding "waiting for settlement" bill in the "Other Payments" section on your My Page
4. Packages have been shipped out from our warehouse to you and have not been received yet

Please note that once the withdrawal procedure is completed, you will not be able to log in to your [My Page] or check your past purchase history again.

If you wish to withdraw from your membership after fully understanding the information listed above, please select the category [Others] from the inquiry form and confirm again that the above mentioned points "1. to 4." do not apply to you. Then please proceed with your request for withdrawal by contacting customer support.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if any of the points 1 to 4 apply to you, please contact us again after you have received your package.

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