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What is the interval of bidding amount on Yahoo! Auctions Japan?

The interval of bidding amount is the minimum amount unit set up by Yahoo! Auctions, and it depends on the current price of the auction.

When the automatic bidding function or Sniper Bid start to work,  it is possible that the amount you want to bid is less than the minimum necessary amount. In that case, your bid will fail and you will not participate in the auction.

Here is a chart showing the interval between bids and overbids:

Product price              Interval
1JPY - 999JPY          --   10JPY
1,000JPY - 4,999JPY    --   100JPY
5,000JPY - 9,999JPY    --   250JPY
10,000JPY - 49,999JPY  --   500JPY
50,000JPY and above    --   1,000JPY

For example:
Add 1 yen to the interval to get the necessary overbid.  If you bid 10 JPY, the bid will fail.
The minimum bidding amout is 11 JPY (Current Price 1 JPY + Interval bidding amount 10 JPY = 11 JPY).

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