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I would like to know all related fees and payments of the Buyee service.

The following fees will be the related fees our customers would need to pay when purchasing through our service.

【Product related fees】
① Commodity price
② Purchase fee: 300 yen/per order
③ Plan fees: Standard Plan, Insured Delivery Plan, Inspection Plan (Only required if you slected these plans)
④ Tax related fee (Ex. consumption tax, customs duties incurred from overseas shipments to  Japan Buyee warehouse)

【International shipping related fee】
① Domestic shipping fee (Japan domestic fee from seller/store to Buyee warehouse)
② International shipping fee (Interantional shipment fee from Buyee warehouse to customers oversea address)
③ Optional service fee (Package Consolidation/Protective Packaging/Photo Service)
④ Tax related fee (Ex. GST for packages to Australia, New Zealand...)


In addition, the payment process is divided into the following 2 ways. 

【Standard Shipping】
Buyee will send 2 billing requests of [Product related fees] and [International shipping related fees] separately. 
【Direct Shipping】
Direct shipping is only available for Yahoo! JAPAN Auction.
When you won a bid or purchased an item, [Product related fees] and [International shipping related fee] will be automatically charged from your registered payment method.

Please refer to following link for detailed information about fees and payments.
→Fees and Payments 

You can also use our Simple Estimation Tool, which gives you an idea of how much our services will cost from your purchase to international shipping.
Please use this tool only as a reference since this is an estimated fee.
→International Shipping Fee Estimation

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