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How do I use my ○○%off items prices discount coupon for shopping?

In order to use a coupon you must first acquire it. If there are any coupons that you have, go to Coupon Information under Activity in your My Page, and acquire them there.

1. Please confirm that you have acquired the coupon you intend to use.

2. Coupon Information > Unclaimed Coupons 
Go to coupon page.

3. Click "Get Your coupon!".

4. Issued coupons successfully. Click the OK button to enter My page > Coupon information page.

5. "Coupon information" > "Claimed Coupons" to confirm the coupon.

6. Add to shopping cart.

7. Proceed to order page.

8. On the Check Payment Information screen, you can select a coupon from under the Fee Breakdown header.

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