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Can I cancel an item I have purchased?

For other orders, if you confirm on [My Page] that order status is under【Ongoing Order】, and only if【Cancel】option is available, you can click and cancel the order.
Please note that this cancellation option will cancel the whole order.
If your order contains multiple items, please note that you cannot cancel only specific item(s).
Also, cancellation is not acceptable if the order status has already changed to【Order Received】or【Purchased】.
Please refer to the following steps for cancellation.
<<Cancellation Methods>>
I.       【My Page】→【Shopping】→【Ordered Item】
From【Ordered Item】list, please confirm order status is under【Ongoing Order】 , and click【Cancel】.
※   If【Cancel】option is not being displayed, it means Buyee has already started the purchase and cancellation is not possible.

II.      After clicking 【Cancel】, a pop-up window will be displayed.
Please pull down and select the reason for cancellation and click【Agree】after confirming the precaution notes.
The cancellation request is completed after this procedure.
We will also forward email once your cancellation has successfully completed.
Please noted we do not accept cancellation for auction items.
Please also refer to following link for policies and terms regarding cancellation.
→Click Here For More Information

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