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What happens if some of the items in my order are out of stock?

On the occasion that some of the items in the order are out of stock; If you select [Purchase available items], we will purchase the rest of the items in your order (back-ordered items and pre-ordered items included), and we will revise the billing invoice and charge you fees for the available items only, but please be note that the purchase fee (flat rate ¥ 300) will not be refunded that occurs for each order.

※ When paying with Alipay, the fee of the unavailable item will be refunded after purchase.  

If you choose [Cancel the whole order], we will cancel the purchase of all the items in the order and refund you the full amount.
In addition, if some of the items in the order turn out to be out of stock after we complete the purchase, we will refund the item fee of the unavailable items. In addition, if an item is sold out after the proxy purchase, the item price will be refunded in the same way as [Purchase available items].

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