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What happens to my payment if the item in my order (purchase on shopping) is unavailable?

When we are unable to purchase customers' items, we will either [Cancel the Credit Card Preauthorization] or [Refund all the fees].

■Paid by Credit Card
We will cancel the credit card preauthorization immediately.
Normally, there will not be any records of the preauthorization. However, it might takes some time for the preauthorization to be cancelled.

■Paid by PayPal
We will cancel the preauthorization from your PayPal account.

■Paid by Alipay
We will refund all the fees of the item.
Please note that it take some time for the refund to be reflected from your Alipay account.

■Paid by Buyee point
We will refund all the points of the item to your Buyee account.

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