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Can I change the delivery address for my package?

When a package arrives at Buyee's warehouse,  the package address can be changed before arranging and paying for the shipping fees.

If you would like to change the delivery address, please follow the steps below after the package is registered to your [My Page].

1. Login to [My page] → Click [Delivery Address] → Click [Add New] and enter the new delivery address.

2. Click [Package Information], and confirm the package number for the package you would like to change the address.

3. Click [Shipping Information] for the package → Click [Change Shipping Address] → Select the new delivery address.

If you would like to confirm the delivery address after changing it, please go to [Package Information] → [Shipping Information] to confirm the address.

Moreover, once you complete payment for the shipping, the package will be added to our shipping queue. We are sorry but changes to the address cannot be accepted after completing the payment.
We kindly ask for your understanding in advance.

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