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I have checked with the tracking number but the tracking status is not being updated.

Please note that the shipping status of the package will not be updated immediately after it was shipped out. Please check the status the next day after the dispatch.

In addition, if the package has been dispatched from Japan, the status will only be updated when it arrived at the destination country. We would like to ask for your patience for the moment being.

Moreover, the shipping period varies accordingly to the shipping methods. The expected shipping period is as following:

EMS 7days after the package is shipped out
Air 20days after the package is shipped out
SAL 30days after the package is shipped out
Seamail 60days after the package is shipped out

Click here for more detail of international shipping method
If the package has not delivered after the mentioned periods,

For packages that have applied [Standard Plan] or [Deliver Insured Plan]:
If you did not receive the package by the time written above, there is possibility that the package is lost. we will file a claim to Japan Post Office to investigate the status of your package.

If the lost is confirmed, we will arrange for the compensation of your package.

Please kindly contact us through our Contact Form and provide us the package number if you did not receive the package within the above period.
Click here to go to our Contact Form. 

*For packages that applied for [Lite Plan] or [Inspection Plan], we are sorry that the packages are not eligible for compensation. Please kindly contact your local post whether they have any information about your package.

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