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Can I specify the packing method when I ship my package from Buyee's warehouse?

Generally, we ship off packages in the same condition as we receive them from the seller/store.
However, for items that we have determined to be fragile or unsuitable for international shipping, we will assign a "Protective Packaging Recommended" label. For these packages, we recommend to  apply for our Protective Packaging Service, which will significantly improve the item's safety during shipping. Protective Packaging can also be applied to items that are not labelled as "Protective Packaging Recommended", if you would like to have more protection for your item.
→Click here for more information about the Protective Packaging Service

Additionally, if you would like to combine several of your packages and have them packed as one box, you can also apply for our Package Consolidation Service.
→Click here for more information on the Package Consolidation Service

We currently do not accept any other special requests related to packaging, such as gift wrapping.

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