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I cannot complete the payment with PayPal.

Please note that customer failed to make payment through PayPal system is mainly due to the following reasons:

① The credit card registered with PayPal
When the credit card that is registered with PayPal has been restricted by the credit card company, or your credit card limit was reached (insufficient funds), payment via PayPal might be affected.
Please kindly check the usage condition of your credit card again.

② Overload of PayPal system
PayPal shows an error message when their server is overloaded. You can try to pay the bill again at a later time.

③ Address mismatch
PayPal does not allow customer to make payment if the registered address in PayPal is different from the package shipping address. Please check if you have registered different address on both platforms.

④ IE browser
If you are using a IE browser, we suggest you to try again with Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you still could not make payment after checking the reasons above, we suggest you to contact PayPal customer support and let them know that you are going to make a payment to Buyee, they should be able to help you.

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